Friday, 16 March 2012

Visual Studio Slow when connecting to test results (.trx)

Just found this worked for me, when connecting to test runs...

Disable background discovery of test methods: (Available in VS2008 SP1 only)

1. Select the Tools | Options | Test Tools | Test Project menu option.

2. On the Test Project dialog (figure 1.1), select the “Disable background discover of test methods” checkbox option and press ok.

This will disable the background discovery of test methods and will dramatically speed up the IDE. However, since this is global option, this will disable the test method discovery on every project. If you wish to re-enable the discovery, simply load the Test Project dialog again and deselect the “Disable background discover of test methods” checkbox.


Also, another tip is to set the option "Double-clicking a failed or inconclusive unit test result displays the point of failure in the test"


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