Thursday, 15 March 2012

Resharper TODO Explorer Custom Tags


Today I stumbled across a very neat little feature in Resharper that can help immensely when carrying out large code refactoring on a solution as we're doing now currently in our code base. ( )

Turns out you can set up custom tags for the TODO item explorer, and use these to jump quickly through the code base to locations that you need to come back to at a later date (using Ctrl+Alt+PgDown when the TODO item explorer is the active window)

We've created a custom tag of DBR to easily search for code areas relating to database refactor tasks that need doing still. ..


This then automatically gets added to anyone working on our branch via saving off the custom tag into the team MySolution.sln.DotSettings file, which is then added to source control as a Solution Item…


Then, with the TODO item explorer (Ctrl+Alt+D) you can filter for these tags only in code as follows…


If you have any custom tags you wish to add to the team shared folder then you'll need to copy them to the team shared file (ensure you have it checked out first), via the Resharper, Manage Options, menu option as follows…

clip_image004 clip_image005

You can type whilst the TODO explorer window is activated, and it will filter to those items that have the search phrase you typed in…


More information here about all of this...

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