Monday, 23 February 2015

Windows 7 Weather Gadget: Cannot connect to service issue

Please follow this to fix the issue.

  1. Go to %localappdata%\Microsoft\Windows Live\Services\Cache
  2. Open "Config.xml" , Right click on it Select Edit, it will open in Notepad.
  3. Click on File>> Save (without doing any changes)
  4. Restart the Gadget after a Minute and it should start working.

However, it may be a temporary fix.  Many (myself included) report the problem returning. 

(Note: This fix appears to work, even if you're testing in IE10 with ActiveX settings as follows, using this code here

and you get the Access is denied error from the call to oMSN.GetService("weather")


    // Connect to Weather Service .dll
    var oMSN = new ActiveXObject("wlsrvc.WLServices");
    var oMSN2 = new ActiveXObject("wlsrvc.WLServices");
    this.oMSN = oMSN.GetService("weather"); // Object to send and recieve weather data queries and to poll for service existence
    this.oMSN2 = oMSN2.GetService("weather"); // Object to send a latlong query and recieve a location code corresponding to the latlong
catch (objException)
    this.isValid = false;
    this.statusMessage = getLocalizedString('ServiceNotAvailable');
    this.oMSN = new Object();
    this.oMSN2 = new Object();

Update: 10:48 03/03/2015

Have just managed to write a batch file that fixes this issue ongoing. By adding this batch file to a scheduled task using the Task Scheduler, I've managed to get the gadget to always work now.

Note to use this batch file you'll just have to create a copy of the Settings.ini and call it Settings3Monitors.ini in the folder %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar

taskkill /IM sidebar.exe /T /F

REM Fix for windows security update

pushd "%localappdata%\microsoft\windows live\services\cache"

IF EXIST ConfigOriginal.xml. (

     echo ConfigOriginal.xml file exists

) ELSE (

     copy Config.xml ConfigOriginal.xml


attrib "%localappdata%\microsoft\windows live\services\cache\*.xml" -r

del Config.xml

copy ConfigOriginal.xml Config.xml

echo. >> "Config.xml"


REM Restart sidebar

pushd "%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar"

xcopy /Y Settings3Monitors.ini Settings.ini


start "" sidebar.exe

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Default Notepad++ to XML language sytnax highlighting for .config files

On the Notepad++ menu bar, click "Settings" -> "Styler Configurator..."

- Under "Language", select "XML"
- Under "User ext", type in "config".  While we're at it, let's also type in (space delimited) "aspx", "ascx", and "master".
- Click "Save & Close"

That's it!  Now when you view config files, ASP.NET pages, user controls, or master pages in Notepad++, you'll get syntax highlighting.

More about this here...

Monday, 16 February 2015

TFS Http 404 not found error

If you get an HTTP 404 not found error when connecting to TFS


Delete all the files in this folder

%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Team Foundation\4.0\Cache

You also may receive an error message in the VS 2013 output window, reading as follows...

We were unable to automatically populate your Visual Studio Online accounts.

The following error was encountered: One or more errors occurred.TF205020: Could not connect to server ‘\DefaultCollection’. This server was used in your last session, but it might be offline or unreachable. Confirm that the server is available on the network. To attempt to connect again, or to a different server, click ‘Connect To Team Foundation Server’ in Team Explorer or the Team menu.

The server returned the following error: HTTP code 404: Not Found

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Resharper running slowly

Just found a neat trick for speeding up the Ctrl+T navigation slowness against my solution with JetBrains Resharper 8.2

1. Clean out your cache folder for the solution...


2. Resinstall Resharper

Monday, 2 February 2015

MVC / Jquery unobtrusive validation

Also for how do attach a new client side method to unobtrusive validation e.g.

jQuery.validator.unobtrusive.adapters.add(adapterName, [params], fn);

see this article...


Note: For any element a in your <form>, you can do this to figure out what validation is attached to the containing <form> for that element...

$.data(a.form, "validator").settings.rules


$.data(a.form, "validator").settings.rules.MiddleInitial
Object {maxlength: "1", __dummy__: true}

$.data(a.form, "validator").settings.messages.MiddleInitial
Object {maxlength: "The middle initial must be a single charater"}

How to Fix a Humax HDR FOX T2 PVR that will not stay powered on

Issue When you attempt to power on your Humax the standby orange light goes blue for a moment, and then powers off automatically again. ...