Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Extract job titles from AD using powershell

For a given list of userids in a file called users.txt use the following powershell command in the same directory

Get-Content users.txt | foreach {Get-ADUser -Identity $PSItem -Properties mail,title | select -Property mail, title} |Export-Csv users.csv

Or use this to find new starters in the organisation...

$lastWeek = (get-date).AddDays(-31);

Get-ADUser -Filter "Description -like 'London'"  -Properties Name, Title, Manager, whenCreated, DistinguishedName, LastLogonDate | ? whenCreated  -gt $lastWeek | select Name, Title, Manager, whenCreated, DistinguishedName, LastLogonDate | fl

Note: For windows 7 desktop users you’ll need to install the active directory modules for powershell by following the installation steps here
For all active directory attributes / propery names, see this link here
Another way to have done it would have been usng SQL via a linked server
SELECT     *
    'SELECT samaccountname, mail, title, sn
     FROM ''LDAP://dc=companyname,dc=com''
     WHERE objectCategory = ''Person'' AND objectClass= ''user''
     AND userprincipalname = ''*'' AND mail = ''*'' AND SN = ''*''
         ORDER BY useraccountcontrol
      samaccountname= ‘myaccountloginname’

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