Thursday, 13 December 2012

How to use the Translator Generator VS 2010 Extension


  1. Ensure you have the following installed...
    b) - simply double click the downloaded vsix file
  2. Install the TranslatorGenerator VSIX package by double clicking on it. You will see the following window appear, just click the Install button.
  3. If you have successfully installed you will see the following message...


Enabling the Translator Generator

  1. Open your solution in visual studio 2010
  2. Enable the translator generator from Tools, Guidance Package Manager, Enable / Disable Packages..., check Translator Generator option, OK


Using the Translator Generator

  1. Open a new Visual Studio instance after installing the package
  2. Right click on your target project and select Create Translator from the Translator Generator context menu option
  3. Click the ... buttons to choose your first and second classes, which are your source and target entities that you wish to create translator logic for
  4. Then click the Next button
  5. Now click the Map All button, this will attempt to match up similar named properties (case insensitive, and underscore characters ignored)
  6. You can then select properties manually in each side and click the map button to line these up as well
  7. Then click the finish button. Your newly created translator will end up under the Translators folder in your project.


  1. Run the following command from a VS.NET command prompt window
    VSIXInstaller.exe /U:8E53EB18-6A5C-4068-B24F-DE7147F3BB3E
  2. You should then see this window
  3. Then restart visual studio to ensure the package is completely removed from your extensions folder which is under


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