Tuesday, 6 November 2012

How to remove the encryption from Humax HDR Fox T2 HiDef recordings

Going to give this a try when I have a spare moment,...


Keep watching this post to see how I get on.

So far so good, following these steps

Use FTP to access the Humax file system*
Pull the .hmt file (from the file set that comprises an HiDef recording) onto my PC (using FTP)
Use the Foxy utility to clear the ENC (Encrypted) flag in the .hmt file
Send the .hmt back to the Humax
Copy the HiDef recording to the USB stick decrypted (because the ENC flag was cleared)
Move it to the PC and do something with it

*Settings.. System.. Internet Setting.. FTP Server.. ON

Name: Humax (or whatever you like)
FTP Server: (or whatever your IP address is)
FTP Port: 21 (default)
User ID: humaxftp
Password: 0000 (unless you've changed it)
Passive Mode: NO (very important)
Save Password: YES
Mask Password: YES (doesn't matter)
Anonymous Login: NO

Got Foxy from here...


Further updates:

Seems like 4gb is FAT32 limit. Managed to get whole file off the box using ftp, but don't think that the encryption is removed when you copy it via ftp, as the 8gb file now doesn't play in vlc player for some reason.
The ftp copy to NTFS didn't work,
but then I discovered this post which I'm resting all hopes on now...
Samsung AllShare Software = File transfer no encryption! -http://hummy.tv/forum/threads/samsung-allshare-software-file-transfer-no-encryption.2449/
All share can be downloaded here  - http://www.samsung.com/global/allshare/pcsw/download/AllSharePCSW.exe - Note to get round the hotfix loop in the installer, Right click this exe and select run as administrator. Actually you may have to run the install twice, as it appears to get stuck in the hotfix loop the first time you run it. Use Task manager to end the install process, and then run it again using run as administrator option. Then RESTART YOUR COMPUTER!!!
Main software page for it here - http://www.samsung.com/global/allshare/pcsw/

Important Note: In order to get Samsung All Share to see your Humax box, then on the Humax box you must enable content share, under the Internet settings menu option for the box.

Final update:

Finally managed to get it working. Used ftp://humaxftp:0000@192.168.x.x in windows explorer on Windows 7 , and create this as a favourite location. Used the foxy app mentioned above to crack open the .hmt file and upload it back via this ftp link in windows explorer.
Then used the humax menu to copy the recording into a folder on the machine, before restarting the all share application on my laptop.
Then used the samsung all share application to copy the .ts HD file over to my computer as an avi file, whilst another machine was copying the .ts file over via the FTP link as well. P.S. Works best with direct link into your router rather than over wifi as transfer speeds are faster over LAN cable of course.
Now just waiting to see if the full 8gb comes down via the all share interface..... BOOM! It worked.  


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  3. Hi!
    The encryption by Humax is annoying!
    But, the remedy of taking the software from the box,
    turning the encryption off, and reloading the software
    seems an awkward task! (ftp and all that)
    And Humax only have to re-send the update to put
    encryption back again! (unless auto upate is turned off?)
    So, why not:
    download the update file directly from Humax,
    modify to turn off encryption,
    re-load the amended downloaded file?
    (Just plug in the stick, re-start the box,....}

    Then. if the encryption returns, removal is easier
    - just reinstal the amended file?
    The chances of important updates these days seem remote?

    Should this be a reasonable suggestion, then I would
    appreciate detailed instructions on how to turn the
    encryption off!


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